Tips advertising

In order to have a succesfull advertisement on Prive2day, we advise you to take a moment of time and study a few small things. This ensures that you will get better success with your advertisement on Prive2day. Make sure your profile, rates and / or photo's are filled in completely, to give the customer a good view about who you are, what is possible and at what rates an hour or so.

Photo's are the number one seller on Prive2day. So make sure these are the very best. There is a category on photography which can help you find a erotic photographer for your needs. Second are the options such as services, rates and working times. It should be mandatory that these are filled in correctly for many visitors. If extra service are possible for a higher price, you should mention that.

Now that you wrapped up the basics, it's time to put up your first advertisement from within the control panel. Your best bet is a good title, such as "Outcall escort manchester" or "Erotic massage London" or "Pornstar experience Newcastle" for example. Getting a good title helps it for a visitor to spot easily what your advert is about, and defenitly helps in the search engines these days. Give it a try on Prive2day!

Last but not least is a personal introduction about you, your services, and what is possible and what not. This should give a visitor a clear look on who you are and what is possible. Leave enough contact details such as a phonenumber or website in your advertising, which ensures the client knows how to contact you. If you follow these steps you will defenitly get a good feedback with new clients.

But, there is more. On Prive2day we also offer extra advertising space. This can be managed from within your control panel, such as Advertorial highlighting, which means your advertorial will jump out out of the listings, and a small 125px banner on every category on top which will immidiatly be noted by our many visitors. These can be bought with using credits from your control panel, if you are logged in.

If you really really really want the best, and we are talking about banners on every page on Prive2day (Which defenitly gives you the adience you need) you should consider to contact us for options. For low rates we offer various banners listed on the whole website giving a massive amount of clicks a day, and thus extra potential customers. Prive2day is working hard to become one of the better websites.

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