Terms and conditions

ARTICLE 1: Applicability Conditions
1.1 These terms are applicable to the use of the website prive2day.co.uk.

ARTICLE 2: Copyright
2.1 prive2day.co.uk does not transfer title to any Site content of which is downloaded by the user or used.
2.2 Non unauthorized use or copying of website lawful content or use of website content may violate trademark, copyright and other proprietary rights, and also in violation of civil and criminal. The user is prohibited from any Site content (or any content made available through this site) in a manner that infringes any trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights. prive2day.co.uk reserves all rights with respect to such use which is not lawful or in breach of these terms and conditions.

ARTICLE 3: Brands
3.1 prive2day.co.uk is a registered trademark. The logo and word mark thus belong to the ownership of prive2day.co.uk
3.2 The use of the prive2day.co.uk brand (image and word) is strictly prohibited (unless expressly authorized in writing by prive2day.co.uk).

ARTICLE 4: Content of the website
4.1 prive2day.co.uk prohibits storing user content on this site (uploading) or use thereof which prive2day.co.uk at its sole discretion does not qualify as permissible or tasteless. Such User content includes understood notices libelous, defamatory, deceptive, offensive contents, ethnically or religiously sensitive libels, glorification of violence, hate or unlawful activity, images and video of children, child abuse, child pornography, advertisements, surveys or competition and other material which may have civil or criminal implications. After detection of the above that user will permanently lose access to the website.

4.2 prive2day.co.uk reserves the right (but does not accept any obligation), the user's access to the relevant website content and / or delete content from the user or limit and / or the relevant user content to the relevant agencies of government and justice to pass, when uploading user content in violation of these Terms (or other applicable rules or terms) or other provisions of law or regulations which includes a hunch, without any formal introduction of evidence a summons, originating application or complaint.

4.3 prive2day.co.uk will take no responsibility for content on the profile page or within other by managing the user places within the website is placed which are not owned by the user.
4.4 All content provided by the user on his / her profile or within other by managing the user places offered in the Website may be used by prive2day.co.uk by any means, distributed, edited, copied and reproduced by all made public ways. When business profiles and providers (business users), and also in this way are known to prive2day.co.uk will be drafted written agreements on here and can not prive2day.co.uk use this content in any manner specified in Article 4.4 .
4.5 The user does form from any further claim, (financial) compensation or any form of compensation as a result of the Article 4.4.

ARTICLE 5: Rights / obligations users
5.1 All forms of 'spam' or junk e-mail, including uploading or sending multiple unsolicited submissions to different discussion groups, mailing lists, and other activities that the so-called. Spamming promote on this site and prohibited from this website. After the relevant user will get a survey of the above-mentioned one-time warning. If the user then caught again on the above, it will permanently no longer have access to the website.
5.2 prive2day.co.uk prohibits the uploading of computer programs (including autofreshers / mouseclickers etc), files and other materials that contain destructive or disruptive features such as viruses, corrupted files, 'hidden' files (eg images integrated into audio files ), worms, trojan horses, or bots for scrolling or for further activities, which the integrity or operation of the website or disturb online communication in general or disruption. After detection of the above that user will permanently lose access to the website.
5.3 The user is both the confidentiality of his / her password and any other data as well as responsible for all activities related to his / her profile. Any unauthorized use of the profile or other violations of provisions concerning the safety prive2day.co.uk must be notified immediately. Your registration or your subscription is tied to you as a person, you are not authorized to reveal your password to other people publish or make available. prive2day.co.uk can not here in any way be held responsible for.
5.4 The user shall indemnify prive2day.co.uk from any loss, liability, damages and costs made possible by the use of a service or visiting the website have arisen regardless of decisions of courts or other competent jurisdiction, including: (a) claims by third parties with respect to your abuse of the service, whether offensive, hurtful, racist, or otherwise unlawful use of the service; (B) claims of a third party with respect to its conflict of your use of the service by a copyright or other intellectual property rights of whatever nature; (C) fines and penalties imposed by regulatory and advisory bodies and authorities, as well as trade associations, regarding the use of the Service by you.
5.5 On prive2day.co.uk you may create more than 1 profile.
5.6 Since the texts, photos and videos themselves are put online by users without the intervention of prive2day.co.uk they can not guarantee that these are true. Texts, photos and videos of users will be randomly checked.
5.7 prive2day.co.uk not be liable in any way for placing fake photos, videos and texts by users.

5.8 prive2day.co.uk be liable in any way for websites
are linked to a user profile. prive2day.co.uk is not responsible for its content. The profiles of the users will be randomly checked.
5.9 Each user of prive2day.co.uk must be 18 years or older. When in doubt prive2day.co.uk reserves the right (but does not accept any obligation) to user access to relevant Site content and / or content of the user delete or restrict, if not proof of majority can be supplied.

5:10 It is forbidden for users to give us personal contact within the free entry fields for users of prive2day.co.uk, or to communicate via the contact methods made available prive2day.co.uk. Users should use the contact methods prive2day.co.uk makes available for telephony services, text messaging and email. If it finds personal contact information as phone numbers, email addresses and / or personal websites this content will be removed.
5:11 prive2day.co.uk. prohibits the uploading of content, music, software, images (still or moving), literary and artistic work, or material protected by standards for the protection of intellectual property (or may infringe on standards relating to intellectual property of others) provided that the user is not the owner of the exclusive rights or controls or the required approval is obtained (the user ensures that in the event he such content is uploaded). prive2day.co.uk prohibits the uploading of actual or suspected copyrighted materials, the use is not allowed, or counterfeit materials. If it appears that nevertheless copyrighted material is included, we ask the owner of the rights to contact us at. There will then follow steps to remove the material.

5.12 Users of prive2day.co.uk allowed to contact an advertiser (telephone and online) with the aim of making an appointment for what offered by the advertiser. Contact for other purposes covered by unwanted contact / spam, and is therefore not allowed.

ARTICLE 6: Privacy Policy
6.1 prive2day.co.uk respects the privacy of its users and visitors to this website. The privacy policy explains who we are, what information we may collect and how we use and store the information.
6.2 prive2day.co.uk will with reasonable effort; loss, unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of information that you are trying to prevent you provided to us.
6.3 prive2day.co.uk can use advanced ad management software to send targeted ads, advertorials, sponsorships and other forms of commercial messages. No offense will be committed to user privacy. The software may place cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on disk or in memory of your computer. Cookies are used to record what ads you will see, to record how often an ad is shown and to register anonymous user profiles. We assure you that no personal data such as name, email, address, etc. are derived from the cookies. Cookies can not damage your computer or the files stored on your computer.

ARTICLE 7: Disclaimer
7.1 In order to make use of some services is a mobile phone is necessary. prive2day.co.uk is not responsible or liable for the costs in the field of telecommunications by the telecom provider you will be charged.
7.2 With the exception of personal data, which transmits the user registration and / or account opening purposes or (if applicable) personal information relating to other natural persons known to the user prohibits the uploading of any prive2day.co.uk User content which personal or confidential (private) information relating to a natural person or legal entity will be announced, including phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and other information of a financial nature.
7.3 In the event that personal information relating to a natural person or images of a natural person of a user for inclusion in a photo album (or for such purposes), the User assures the user that such person ( the data subject) has given consent to such a transfer, the related data processing and use of such user content as provided for in these conditions.
7.4 prive2day.co.uk gives no guarantee that the content of the website and the software and other services available on the website are error free and that the Service will not be interrupted.
7.5 prive2day.co.uk will take no responsibility for content on the profile page or within other by managing the user places within the website is placed which are not the exclusive property of the user who uploaded the relevant content within the by user management within prive2day.co.uk.

ARTICLE 8: Changes to the website and these conditions
8.1 prive2day.co.uk may at any time with or without notice improvements and / or changes to the terms and conditions, prices and / or further implementing website content.
8.2 prive2day.co.uk may change these Terms (or other Site content) by an appropriate description on its Web site or disclose other communication means. It is therefore advisable to check the website and these Terms from time to time.

ARTICLE 9: Applicable law
9.1 These Terms and the use of the websites is subject to Dutch law.
9.2 If any dispute arises between the parties, the Court will be in The Hague have jurisdiction to hear the case.

10.1 prive2day.co.uk is managed by Vanderlindemedia.nl.

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