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Prive2day (Saying: Private 2day) is a free and trustworthy advertising website for the adult market such as escorts, brothels, massage parlours and erotic services in general in the UK. To keep our website going in the right direction, our rules of conduct are mandatory for everyone registering for advertising or reviews or sending messages to other users on Prive2day.

Registration - everybody is free to register for an account on Prive2day. This gives access to special features on the website such as advertising, writing a review, send a contact message and more. We guarantee you your email adress will be kept confident unless you specify for the option to be contacted by the website. We will not sell or publicate your email adress.

Advertising - independents or company's are free to put a free advertising on this website. It's not permitted to offer misleading information or 'look a like' photo's. Spamming of advertisements is also not allowed. We will take actions on these measures if we encounter any of these points. In case of illegal activity such as traffiking, we will notify UK police without any question.

Responding - we expect people who will write a review on someone or a company to be objective and have ground, otherwise we will remove the review. Nobody is waiting for reviews such as "Excellent" or "Do not visit!!" or simular. If you are an advertiser and writing on behalf of your own advertisement, you can expect certain measures will be taken.

VIP Girls - on our website we get alot of questions on the category VIP Girls. It is becoming a trend that some advertisers use fake photo's or is not the person your about to meet. To give the people who are looking for a real date with the real girl, we offer verified advertisers, and be listed exclusive on VIP Girls. In order to be listed please contact us. VIP Girls have a better status on Prive2day.

Photo's - the upload of images is ofcourse allowed, but make sure, they are not watermarked, or have permission from the photographer or person itself to use these on our website. We do not take any responsibility when it comes to the usage of photo's which are not allowed. All content uploaded on Prive2day will be property of Prive2day and solely for advertising purposals only.

Others - if we encounter any signs of, hacking, stealing of data, unrestricted access to accounts or anything against the UK and / or Dutch law, we will report to UK or Dutch police without any question. If content such as photo's, text and / or profiles are stolen, we will fill in a DMCA notice and takedown request. This will ensure any website proven to steal content, to dissapear from the search engine.

Some advertisements can raise questions, such as age, licence and all simular / other circumstances. If necessary, we will contact UK or Dutch police about the question and notify them about this. We will cooperate just as easy if we recieve any request from UK or Dutch authority. We are against abuse in general and do not allow illegal activities on Prive2day.

If you have questions related to our conduct and / or rules, do not hassitate to contact us. We will write you back within 24 hours and keep information always confidential. For advertisements please follow the page advertise. We work hard to maintain a daily high amount of visitors on Prive2day. Our hardware is based upon the very best you can get and is build for 24/7 uptime in UK.

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